How To Know Your Has Pet Gastric Dilatation Volvulus

when our dogs are feeling down it’s

sometimes hard to determine whether the

issue is minor or potentially deadly

gastric dilatation volvulus is a

life-threatening condition that mainly

affects larger breeds it causes the

dog’s stomach to dilate and twist

leading to a number of serious health

problems the initial signs of GTV

include excessive drooling dry reaching

restlessness and abdominal pain when it

comes to treatment time is of the

essence the sooner you identify the

symptoms the better the chances your pet

will make a full recovery in almost all

cases surgery is required the procedure

involves stitching the stomach to the

abdominal wall which should prevent the

organ from twisting again gdv is usually

not caused by any one factor but instead

a multitude of reasons these include age

breed eating habits water consumption

and exercise to avoid your pets are

coming to gdv feed them in moderation

take them in for regular check-ups and

make sure you wait an hour after meal

time before exercising.

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