Top 10 Pet Diseases and Natural Remedies

well if you’re a pet owner you know how

loving and just life enriching

they can be and you really never want to

think about your pet getting a disease

getting sick or or dying at an early age

so when your pet does get sick what do

you do well more than likely you turn to

traditional therapies including taking

your pet to the vet well my next guest

says there are some things that you can

do at home before your dog or your cat

even get sick that can extend their life

and their good health

this is doctor Andrew Jones in this

video I’ll be covering the more common

dog and cat diseases plus just some of

the remedies you’ll find in veteran

secrets we’ll be covering

anal glands allergies and coughing

urinary tract infections

please acupressure for pain and

arthritis an acupressure point you

should know about procedures a

homeopathic for vomiting and diarrhea


hotspot anal gland problems an anal

gland obstruction is a really common

reason why dog owners are visiting the

veterinarian and not something as well

that that you as a dog guardian can be

pretty safely treating at home and I

just want to show you or just give you a

demonstration and how this was the the

easiest way to safely express your dog’s

anal plans so there is my finger here my

index finger pointing in and I’m using

my index finger inside us yes and I’m

squeezing with my index between my thumb

and my forefinger here I’m squeezing

that and I can feel a little bulge in

there here here I’m running it back and

forth and this is at the this is the

last time feeling the left anal gland

now we just give it a slight squeeze its

tail up

I’ll just have this paper here likewise

his left side you can try it in here oh

no just put your forefinger inside their

anus don’t move it back and forth you’ll

feel a little bulge or a little bloom

likelihood like if you feel that what

you’re feeling is the you know gland I

give it a firm squeeze there it is

is your dog chronically scratching it’s

probably this and here’s what you need

to do about it

and the biggest one is called in a tepee

we used to call it inhalant allergies or

inhale and inhaled allergies but now the

belief is these allergens are absorbed

in the skin it’s not actually from what

the dogs are inhaling is what the

allergens fall onto their skin and get

absorbed through the skin so one of the

symptoms if you’ve got an allergic pet

you know at this chronics cat scratching

hair loss a bad spell recurring your

infections often there’s Paula King anal

licking redness especially common in the

groin as it goes on and on you can see

secondary thickening and blackening of

the skin and here’s a dog with some

fairly serious allergy you can see the

damage here very red pustules raised red

very itchy skin any dog can develop it

there are certain breeds that are

predisposed that

terriers and retrievers it’s a very

complex mechanism that causes it which

involves things like cytokines and

t-cells but the point is that they’re

actually secreting an antibody called

IgE normally anybody is are there to

protect we’re not an allergy so you’ve

got this antibody the body the immune

system thinks it’s something it’s got a

fight so it secretes an antibody but

then what happens is that anybody binds

with the allergen spiration such as the

grass pollen and that causes cells in

this in the skin such as mast cells to

release and farmer to components real

common when being in it a histamine

which cause of the itchiness and that’s

why antihistamines work and they

decrease the histamine production or the

effect of the histamine on the skin

tumeric one of the big key remedies you

should be considering major ingredient

of curry at higher levels it stimulates

the adrenal gland to three-quarters zone

that’s the body’s natural cortisol the

standard oral dose of curcumin 250 to

forum 400 milligrams three times a day

I think it followed and I’ll just finish

that up so the big point here in the

ring there is a varying range my

observed of average dose is a hundred

milligram of the 95 percent Kirk

humanoids 410 pounds given daily so dose

that based on the weight of your dog

licorice root is been used for centuries

to treat inflammatory and viral diseases

there’s an image of licorice root here

it works well for chronic conditions

such as contact dermatitis some of the

human conditions like psoriasis and just

the conditions we think of an allergy

inflammation and brightest rich enos it

can be used as a compress by preparing

three grams of the extract in 150 mils

of water you’ll also be given as the

powder root form and of varying doses

one to four grams per day they can also

be given as a fluid extract form one tea

spoon before meals or and as a solid a

crack to half a tea spoon before me how

to treat your dog’s ear infection and

here is my dog Jessie I’ve got him lying


on the table I suggest you have your dog

lying on the ground you’re sitting on a

table and we’re assuming that we’re

cleaning his left ear here so I just

lift up his ear here and you actually

see it exposed and there’s the opening

of his ear down into his ear canals and

what I’ve got here is a 50/50 mixture

50% water 50% vinegar I’m just going to

mix it up shake it up so it’s well mixed

now I’m going to put a small amount

proximately one or two teaspoons

squirting it into his ear so I open up

his ear here seek this bottle firmly

down into the ear canal then I just give

it a little bit of a squirt so I can

hear the fluid filling up his ear then I

grab with the base of his ear so I’m

grabbing with my thumb and my forefinger

the walls there give you I’m squishing

his ear maybe hear it’s squishing it so

what we’re doing is we’re working that

fluid down into the ear canal so I do

that for about 15 seconds make sure it’s

well worked in then I’ve got myself some

4×4 gauze you can also use a cotton ball

and I’m going to use my my finger my lip

and work my work at the cotton ball into

his ear canal with the excess debris oh

if your dog is coughing use this remedy

the last remedy I want to discuss for

naturally treating your dog’s coffee at

home is by making a natural cough syrup

so what I do and what I would advise you

doing is picking up some honey

preferably a bit of a darker honey I’m

here I’ve got some concentrated lemon

juice a little bit of warm water so what

we’re doing is I’m taking the 1

tablespoon birth or 20 or 30 pounds of

dog so I’m gonna put a tablespoon of

honey into some of this warm water which

I’ve got here I’ll take because it’s

just one tablespoon I’m going to take a

half a teaspoon a little bit more than

that of the lemon juice so it’s about

1/2 a taste in the lemon juice a

tablespoon of honey or you can double

that recipe for a larger dog mix that up

with some more

water fairies got it nice and

concentrated wonderful cough remedy I

use it on myself

my kids as well mix it up so the honey

is fully diluted the honey tab has a

whole host of wonderful antibacterial

antiviral properties as well as being

especially suiting soothing to the

throat I’m just going to draw some of

that up here in a syringe with this warm

water and we’re just going to give Jess

Jesse a little treatment of it Jesse mmm

so there it is lemon and honey and warm

water is a natural cough treatment

the first thing is be using for urinary

tract problems with your calf is vitamin

C you may never thought of it um pretty

typically it comes in two pretty big big

difficult chewable tablets for cats but

it’s also veiled in a liquid form so

here is a liquid here is the liquid

vitamin C again and we just need a

really small dose for cat we’re dealing

with a hundred milligrams for your

standard 10-pound cat given once a day

now I want to do here is do a little

sample with mr. if just to show that you

can get with your cat they’re faithful

mischief we’re gonna show you a house

show tape right and see so you can do it

the second very safe natural remedy that

you can be using for your cat who has

urinary tract infection is a homeopathic

there’s one called Kent Tharus I’m very

safe I’m specifically effective when

you’ve got a really inflamed irritated

bladder you want to give your cat some

relief I mean the other really good

thing about it it’s not going to do any

harm what I want to show you here here

here’s a sample it’s difficult to read

it but there it is skin therapist just

available just put every natural health

food store I’m going to be doing I would

be giving mischief most cats to of the

thirty C capsules here it is she saw me

coming here’s two of them I just plopped

them into your health

it’s just an encourager too slow I’ll be

giving you two of those 30 C capsules

three or four times a day when she which

she had a really irritated bladder the

last time you want to talk keep out is a

horrible combination here’s one called

fury harmony the three specific herbs I

want you to look for is hydrangea stone

rich and gravel and you’d be getting

this as a capsule form in all likelihood

and as you can see here it may be

difficult for you to see but these are

pretty big capsules they’re not ones

you’re going to easily get them your cat

but then what I would do is dissolve

that capsule in some water

I checked out over here for ya here it

is just mixed up and a pretty typical

dose 0.2 of a meal for five pounds so

for mischiefs you get about half a meal

not very much of it there it is here

half a meal twice a day I’ve already

given her two things he’ll give her a

rest today but I’d be doing that

somewhere between five to seven days how

to a listicle e treat fleas at home

there’s the little critters we all know

so much about first of all just going

back to the flea shampoos there’s a

number of very effective natural

holistic shampoos one look at ABing one

combined with oatmeal helps to soothe

the very irritated skin use cool water

make a big point that you leave it on

for at least 10 minutes to be effective

you can safely do it twice a week some

of the holistic flea shampoos that work

well there’s one I’ve used more often

frequently called vets best it’s got a

small amount of essential oil peppermint

oil and clove extract see you at all

Oil Spray it’s it’s a very safe

non-toxic has been working well against

fleas in the one caution I want to add

here is just be cautious and spraying

any type of essential oil on small dogs

or cats you just want to lightly miss

them use a flea comb just Brad this

spray around

and triple sure natural flea and tick

spray made by natural window products is

one seed Woodall spray that I’ve used

and had some good luck with borax

another home treatment for flea

infestations it can be used just gently

sprinkling on your pet calming it

through them with a flea comb and also

be poured in the cracks and crevices in

your house getting the humidity out of

your house you know flea eggs they need

substantial humidity just to hatch 75%

the larvae need 50% to survive so when

you’ve got low community in less than 5%

the eggs survive so a simple way is

having a dehumidifier dishsoap

you used to do this with a little kitten

that would come in to the shelter

covered with fleece works great just

lather them up with the small amount of

soap leave it on for as if you can hand

time it for a full 10 minutes rinse it

off and you’ll see the fleas just drop

off and here’s the direction 0 lathering

up in this in this slide I’m suggesting

15 minutes least time yourself at least

10 and rinse it well so then I laugh of

that that shampoo that’s your that dish

soap that’s drying out their skin and

I’m suggesting repeating it once a week

in combination with fully controlling

the house and others using something the

borax and the cracks and crevices now

you’re talking about some things that we

can do at home to take care of our pets

I gotta tell you that you know they’re

gonna be people who are going to be

skeptical right so I think a really

important thing is that we show some

stuff here today let’s do it all right

and we do have a second guest that we’re

going to bring out now volcán come on

out VOCA because I think this is a great

way Hank fokin a great one for people to

actually see what it is you’re talking

about come on boy I’m just a sweet dog

so the first thing we want to show

today’s is a technique called

acupressure okay where what won’t you

turn about for humans but not

necessarily for right for dogs so what I

want to issue is a couple points to

press there’s one here so we’re just

dealing on the on is Hawk this is this

back leg here and you can use your thumb

and your forefinger right cool boy

volcán and what I’ll use is my thumb

around his back flake and I’m going to

hold this area this this

over his hawk and hold out for 30 to 60

seconds and if he had arthritis in his

back leg I would hold that do that do

this twice a day for 30 to 60 seconds

and you know there are so many other

things that can help I know there’s

something else that you were talking

about earlier that I thought was very

very and that’s right

so either Bret for epilepsy or all of a

sudden your dog or your cat stops

breathing my cardiac arrest that’s right

and there’s a point here right on both

us to play with you good boy Vulcan I

put my finger right here and his

nostrils right leg above his upper lip

yep and I’d hold doc coin for 30 to 60

seconds in case of EAP was seizuring or

if you’d stop breathing all right so

we’ve got that and then what are some

other preventative things people can do

at home because let me tell you pets

have a lot they have you know a lot of

vomiting a lot you just brush you know

what I mean there’s so many things one

thing I wanted to show you that’s fairly

easy here I like to have a cup of tea

here and one real common remedy a lot of

dogs will get a thing called hot spots

where their skin gets infected off

inaccessible often it’s from swimming

and what I would do there was one thing

you said yet where there’s their skin

gets wet it’s got Jasmine of cancer dry

up it gets a surface infection

you could spend you know three to five

hundred dollars at your veterinarian

having it treated or else what you get

to do is take an aspirin drop it here in

this cup of tea that I’ve been drinking

this cup of regular aspirin that’s right

a regular uncoated aspirin drop it in a

cup of strong black tea and I would just

use I’ve got a cause you use a damp

cloth and I would just wipe it on the

affected area so the hot spot all right

I’d wipe that wipe this all over and I

do that three or four times a day often

and what what that will do it will dry

up the hot spot and the aspirin acts as

an anti-inflammatory allele there’s a

the homeopathic called arsenic Comoros

arsenic an album and vomiting and

diarrhea so very common most of our dogs

and our cats works great I give one of

these little capsules there I show you

them right here a guy would give one of

these for a cat two or three to a dog

like Vogue and I did that three or four

times a day for vomiting or diarrhea

what’s really well thank you for

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