How To Protect Your Pet From A Paralysis Tick

there are many kinds of ticks that pose

a real danger to our beloved pets but

the one you need to keep an extra close

eye on is the female paralysis tick at

equal weight in vegetation ready for a

potential host to be within arm’s reach

after latching on it takes a few days

for warning signs to show if left too

long a tick can kill even the biggest of

dogs signs of a tick bite include

vomiting excessive drooling dilated

pupils loss of appetite pale gums and of

course paralysis which usually starts in

the hind legs if you find a tick on your

pet try and carefully remove it straight

away use tweezers but make sure you not

only remove the body but also the barbs

that are attached once you’ve removed

the tick make sure you keep it to show

your vet how long the tick has been

attached and what signs your pet is

showing will affect the type of

treatment needed to help stop your pet

being infected by a tick use a regular

preventative measure or tick collar and

keep your pets coat short so that any

unwelcome guests can easily be spotted

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