How To Protect Your Pet From Pancreatitus

pancreatitis is a frightening condition

that can sometimes affect our pets but

with careful management and the correct

treatment your pets will have a good

chance of recovery pancreatitis as the

name suggests is centered in the

pancreas this digestive organ produces

the enzymes needed to break down foods

when the pancreas is inflamed the

enzymes can escape which can harm

neighboring organs like the liver and

kidneys so what causes pancreatitis

in short lots of things including bowel

disease liver disease certain

medications and even scorpion bites for

dogs one of the main causes is an

increase in fatty foods so make sure you

think twice before caving into puppy-dog

eyes around the kitchen fever vomiting

diarrhea fatigue difficulty breathing

and an increased heart rate are all

symptoms of pancreatitis and science you

need to take your pet to a vet a

veterinarian will usually take a full

blood test and ultrasound to determine

the extent of the issue as well as

supplements to reduce the inflammation

your vet may also administer medication

to address the symptoms most of the time

medication is enough

however in extreme cases surgery is

required during rehabilitation the focus

should be on keeping your pet hydrated

as well as switching over to an easily

digestible diet.

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